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wood burning fireplace

Warmer, safer and more energy efficient – what’s not to love about gas fireplaces?

We understand that a wood-burning fireplace looks beautiful and smells great. Unfortunately, it is not the most practical heat source when you need to get through a chilly Canadian winter, which is why so many people are electing to switch to gas fireplaces. The spring and summer months are perfect for fireplace renovations in Ottawa, since fireplaces won’t be in use.

Before you switch out your wood-burning fireplace, you have to decide on what kind of fireplace fits your tastes, as well as what your home can accommodate. Gas inserts, gas logs, and gas stoves all have different requirements for installation and different looks. You also have to consider your budget. When you’ve chosen your ideal gas fireplace solution, it’s time to go about the installation.

You can buy a gas fireplace insert that easily slides right inside your existing wood-burning fireplace, so you won’t be changing the look of your house too much. You’ll need to hire professionals for this one – unless you’re a contractor – because vents and gas lines are not easily installed. Even though gas inserts can be expensive, they are an elegant, permanent solution to switching from wood to gas.

If you’re working with a tighter budget, gas logs can be used in place of wood logs. They’re less heat-efficient than a gas insert, but still cleaner and safer than a wood-burning fireplace. And whether you use a gas insert or gas logs, you still need to properly vent your fireplace.

For those who already own gas that are hoping to update their space, a gas stove can add warmth and a rustic charm to your home. Though they have the vintage appeal of a freestanding wood-burning fireplace, they operate using gas, which is cleaner, safer, and more efficient. You can also control the heat: unlike wood, a gas stove is optimized for ensuring you get the right amount of heat circulating into your home at all times.

Switching from a wood-burning fireplace might seem like a big ordeal, but in a city like Ottawa, gas fireplaces are what your home needs to get through cold Canadian winters. With benefits like better heating, energy efficiency, and safety, there’s really no reason to hang onto that wood-burning fireplace. Spend your spring converting to a gas fireplace and be happier – and cozier – next winter.