Grey brick wood burning fireplace

Fireplace Safety Checklist

Learn more about the different items to keep on hand at all times to ensure proper fireplace safety.

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3D fireplace surrounded by marble stone

Multi-Side Fireplaces are the Hottest Home Trend – Here’s Why

Learn how to elevate your interior design using multi-sided fireplaces.

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Setting Up an Outdoor Fire Fixture For The Summer

How an Outdoor Fireplace Can Warm Up Your Summer Evenings You might associate fireplaces with particular seasons. Specifically, you know that a fireplace can warm up your home during the winter, as well as the colder parts of spring and fall. But what about summer? There are actually a few ways that your summer can […]

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Dining room fireplace

Unexpected Rooms to Install a Fireplace In

Learn about all of the different room options for adding a new fireplace.

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view of modern living room with lots of comfy pillows, blankets, and a warm fireplace

Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

Transform Your Living Room Into The Ultimate Comfort Haven When the weather is cold or grim, we turn to our living room for comfort. Nothing turns a bland day around better than sitting on the sofa, relaxing as the fireplace warms you up. How else can you enhance your living room’s ability to keep you […]

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The Importance of Annual Gas Fireplace Inspections

Signs It’s Time to Inspect Your Gas Fireplace Gas fireplaces offer a convenient way to keep your home warm. They provide consistent heat without any hassle or strenuous maintenance. Still, it’s critical that you pay attention to the upkeep of your fireplace. Many problems can occur without your knowledge that can hinder your fireplace’s ability […]

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red fire extinguisher hanging on a white concrete wall

Wood Fireplace Safety Tips

Become a Pro at Operating Your Wood Fireplace Safely A wood fireplace can provide many benefits to any home. It’s a sustainable type of fireplace that can burn even in power outages and increase your home’s value. Plus, it looks great, and provides a distinct aroma that makes any living room more appealing. Compared to […]

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fountain pen on a blank notebook sitting on a wooden table

Questions to Ask Your Fireplace Provider and Installer

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a New Fireplace A fireplace can bring many benefits to your home. It adds the finishing touches to any living room, and can warm up your home during the colder months. However, not all fireplaces are created equally. When selecting the right fireplace for your home, many things must be […]

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brand new indoor wood stove with stacks of wood stored neatly beside it

Signs It is Time to Replace Your Wood Stove

When to Replace Your Stove and How to Keep the New One Burning The average lifespan of a wood-burning stove is 10 to 20 years, but taking care of your stove and keeping a close eye on it can mean that you can extend its lifespan to the better half of the number above. But, […]

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brick fireplace with newly upgraded fire insert

Home Fireplace Renewal

Things You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your Fireplace An upgrade is always a great idea! Whether you’re doing it for aesthetic purposes or to simply add to the efficiency and take away from the maintenance of having a fireplace, replacing or upgrading your existing model still comes with factors to consider. Look into these […]

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