Winter environment with a gas fire place running in the middle

Guide to Winterlude: Ottawa’s Winter Celebration

Every year, the city of Ottawa embraces the chill of the winter season in the best way possible: by throwing a vibrant, city-wide celebration known as Winterlude. This event, held for three fun-filled weekends between late January and early February, has been a mainstay of Ottawa’s cultural scene since 1979. It’s a chance for locals […]

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fire place burning with people around it enjoying the heat

Art of Hygge: Creating a Cozy Home in Ottawa’s Winters

Unveiling the Mystery: Understanding Hygge Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word that has no direct translation in English, but it essentially embodies a feeling of cozy contentment by enjoying the simple things in life. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that nurtures wellbeing and cultivates positivity. As we face Ottawa’s icy winters, adopting the […]

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Hosting a book club with their friends during the winter times

Hosting The Perfect Winter Book Club

Winter is high season for book clubs. It’s the perfect excuse to brave the snow, hang with some friends, and pick apart a (hopefully) good book. At first glance, hosting a book club seems simple, but pulling off a great gathering takes careful planning. Keep reading for helpful tips on hosting a book club meeting […]

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Couple wrapped in blankets to be cozy by the fireplace

Planning a Romantic Winter Date Night at Home

Few things boost intimacy like a winter date night at home. With snow falling outdoors and a warm fire crackling indoors, you and your significant other can inhabit your own, cozy world. A basic home date night doesn’t take much forethought, but by putting in a little extra effort, you can take your evening from […]

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Women in Bath robe beside a nice fireplace and enjoying the warmth

Create Your Home Spa Experience: A Haven of Comfort in Your Own Home

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, carving out some ‘me-time’ can often feel like a luxury. But it’s not—it’s a necessity. And what better way to indulge in self-care than by creating a spa-like sanctuary right in your own home? The benefits of spa treatments extend beyond relaxation; they can boost your health, […]

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5 Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is a focal point of the living room, and it deserves to be decorated in a unique and creative way. With some thoughtful planning and inspiration, you can create a mantel display that is both stylish and meaningful. In this article, we will be sharing 5 creative ideas for decorating your fireplace […]

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An electric fireplace

The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Did you know that traditional wood fireplaces cause  6% of house fires ? The safety of electric fireplaces is one of the biggest reasons many people opt for an electric fireplace instead. Electric fireplaces do not have an open flame and do not make the air dirty with smoke particles. They are much better for your health! With all these fantastic features, it’s easy to […]

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How Do You Know if Your Chimney Needs Cleaning?

Everything You Need to Know about Chimney Cleaning   You’re excited to finally use your fireplace during your next cold snap. And for good reason. Fireplaces are a convenient way to warm up your home and add a decorative touch, and today’s newest fireplace technology is particularly making gas fireplaces more energy efficient. The question is, when […]

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Tips for Effective Wood Burning

How to Make the Most of Fireplace Season Did you know that over 25% of Canadian homes have gas fireplaces? And that’s not to mention the number of wood-burning fireplaces in homes across the country. Winter is upon us, which means fireplace season is, too. Yet, though most Canadian homes have one or more fireplaces, […]

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Gas Fireplace Safety

Tips from Experts to Ensure Your Family’s Safety If you’re like most people, the idea of a cozy fire on a cold day sounds appealing. While gas fireplaces are a great way to heat your home and provide ambiance, they can also be dangerous if not used properly. Before you light up, there are some […]

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