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natural gas fireplace ottawa

Learn About the Options for Owning a Gas Fireplace in Your Home

For people who love to have a roaring fire but don’t like the thought of all the work that goes into burning wood, natural gas has emerged as the clear choice. If you’re shopping for a gas fireplace in Ottawa, your options are far from limited, in fact, you may even find yourself struggling to narrow them down! Whether you want to build a brand new fireplace, install a free-standing stove, or convert an old fireplace to run on natural gas, there’s an option that’s perfect for you.

Gas Fireplaces

If your home doesn’t currently have a fireplace and you are in the mood to do a little renovating, a beautifully-crafted gas-burning fireplace is perfect for you. These are often built in the same aesthetically-pleasing configurations as the fireplaces of old, made of brick, stone, tile, or other desirable materials, and are installed directly in the wall. The advantage is you get the classic fireplace look with the hassle of chopping, hauling, or buying wood, the clean-up, or having to throw in a set of fireplaces tools (hey, ever wonder what those tools are for, by the way? Check out this guide to fireplace tools). However, not every home has an ideal space for such a renovation. But that’s okay, because there are…

Gas Stoves

For those who are having difficulty installing a gas fireplace in Ottawa, a gas stove may be the better option. No, not the kind of stove you cook with—a stove is essentially a free-standing fireplace, meaning that you won’t have to install it into your wall. And while many models have large stovepipes leading out of the home, if you want to save on the renovation cost, you can get vent-free models.

Want to Convert a Wood Fireplace?

If you already have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, and you want to ditch the chopping and start experiencing the benefits of gas, there are two great options for you. The first is a gas insert—you install this insert in the opening of your original fireplace and connect it to a natural gas line, and before you know it, you’ve got the power and convenience of a gas fireplace roaring in your living room. Another option, which cleverly disguises your fireplace as wood-burning while actually powered by gas, is a gas log. This is a small fixture you install at the bottom of your fireplace, disguised as a pile of logs, which create a natural-looking, clean-burning fire. To complete the illusion, you can throw in some andirons and traditional fireplace tools—just don’t try to poke it!

Whatever your needs are, you can find the perfect gas fireplace in Ottawa that meets those needs—and exceeds them!