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3D fireplace surrounded by marble stone

This Trendy Fireplace is Keeping Homeowners Warm and Happy

A fireplace instantly improves the comfort level of any home – but some fireplaces have an extra special something. Right now, one of the sleekest design trends is to play with dimensions. That means making typically flat objects pop up, showing multiple sides to a surface, and giving objects volume and shape.

Fireplaces are one of the home installments that benefit from this style approach most. You’re used to seeing fireplaces that lay flat against a wall – but have you ever seen one with depth and multiple sides? If you have, you were probably mesmerized, and if not, trust us: your mind will be blown.

Read below to learn more about the future of fireplaces.

What Exactly is a Multi-Side Fireplace?

The term ‘multi-side fireplace’ can be applied to any fireplace that does not strictly rest against the wall. If a fireplace is cube-shaped, has a fire that’s viewable from different sides, exists on a corner, or has a visible top and bottom, it may be classified as a multi-side fireplace.

The Benefits of Having a Multi-Side Fireplace

It Looks Stunning

As a visual piece, a fireplace already brushes up on the comfort level of the home it belongs to.

With a multi-side fireplace, though, you’ll be blown away every time you walk in the room. Appliances with this style are extremely popular right now, and it’s no surprise as to why. This modern approach to fireplaces adds a burst of life to the appliance.

Trust us – you’ll get many compliments, and you’ll be amazed even when alone in the room with this upgrade.

Not All Homes Have the Appropriate Wall Space

There’s no doubt that wall-based fireplaces are great, but not every homeowner or decorator will want to use their wall space for this reason. In fact, some don’t even have the wall space to spare!

With a multi-side fireplace, you have more options as to where you place your fiery appliance. You might use the corner of a counter, the middle of the room, or anywhere you please.

Spreads Out Heat

If the fireplaces you’ve used have left you frustrated in the past, it might be time to switch to a double-sided one.

With an older fireplace, you might find that heat only spreads to the immediate area that the fireplace covers – this might be the corner of a room for example.

When you turn on your fireplace, you’re probably hoping for a consistent experience. Since multi-sided fireplaces can be installed anywhere, you can ensure that the fire spreads appropriately.

It Drives Up Your Home’s Resale Price

If you plan to sell your house someday, good news. A stylish fireplace will cause the home’s resale price to skyrocket upwards. You may not specifically be thinking of selling your home, and that’s okay – you might end up in a position where you do, though, and this installment

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Your Questions, Answered

Curious about the world of multi-side fireplaces? You might have some questions – and we have answers. Read below to dispel facts from myths when it comes to these multi-dimensional fireplaces.

Do Multi-Side Fireplaces Cost More Than Single-Sided?

In most cases, yes. A multi-side fireplace is a more complicated appliance from a design standpoint and is usually larger – therefore costing more to build and install.

However, keep in mind that installing a multi-sided fireplace is cheaper than installing two separate fireplaces. After all, the screens aren’t what adds to the price, but the interior components.

Are Multi-Side Fireplaces Dangerous?

Not at all! In fact, multi-side fireplaces offer a special level of security and safety. With more panels of glass, the fire is held more safely in these appliances. Plus, more sides equals more visibility, meaning you can detect potential problems sooner.

Are Multi-Side Fireplaces Easy to Use?

Yes! Multi-side fireplaces can be operated the same way that single-sided fireplaces are. Plus, the added visibility from the extra sides makes it easier to see what’s going on inside the fireplace. That means easier maintenance, easier installation, and easier repair.

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If you’ve been curious about getting a multi-side fireplace, why not give it a try?

This trend is expected to stick around for a while – after all, homeowners with multi-side fireplaces say they feel comforted by this stylish, warmth-spreading appliance.

For any questions about fireplace installation or maintenance, contact Burning Log today.