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How an Outdoor Fireplace Can Warm Up Your Summer Evenings

You might associate fireplaces with particular seasons. Specifically, you know that a fireplace can warm up your home during the winter, as well as the colder parts of spring and fall. But what about summer?

There are actually a few ways that your summer can improve with a firepit. A backyard fire fixture can add comfort to your outdoor space on cool summer nights – not to mention that it’s also a great decorative piece.

Whether you get an outdoor fireplace or build your own firepit, this stylish addition can transform your backyard and make every summer night stand out. Read below to learn more about this exciting backyard trend.

What is a Fire Fixture?

The term ‘fire fixture’ can refer to any type of small structure that has a fire component. These are typically installed professionally in your backyard, the way that a fireplace would be installed in your home – however, some fire fixtures are quite distinct from traditional fireplaces.

Some popular fire fixtures include:

  • A firepit, commonly placed at the centre of your yard

  • A chimney-style outdoor fireplace

  • A glass fire ‘table’ or ‘wall’

You might be surprised by the creative types of fire fixtures you come across. If you’re someone who values uniqueness, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you have plenty of options.

Why a Fire Fixture Can Elevate Your Yard This Summer

You’ll be spending a lot of time on your yard this summer. Could a fire fixture make this time better?

Yes! Fire fixtures make an excellent focal point for your backyard, and visitors will happily gather around the fire on cool summer nights. Every summer activity – parties, barbecues, reunions, and date nights – can all be improved with a fire fixture.

Plus, an outdoor fireplace or fixture will drive up the resale price of your home should you ever sell it.

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Fireplaces

One of the most commonly selected fire fixtures is an outdoor fireplace. It looks similar to the types of fireplace you’d find indoors, and it functions similarly to them. However, you should be aware of the specific traits that an outdoor fireplace has.

What are Outdoor Fireplaces Made From?

Most often, outdoor fireplaces may be made from materials such as stone, stainless steel, or stucco. Typically, these fireplaces are also much smaller than what you would normally see indoors.

Outdoor fireplaces most often require wood for fuel, though fans of gas or electric fireplaces may be relieved to know that these options are also available.

Is the Fire Real?

Yes! Some customers prefer faux fires strictly for decorative purposes, but if you want the warmth of a real fire, you’re in luck. This is particularly beneficial considering how chilly some summer nights can get. Just turn on the fire and you’ll stay comfortable as the moon rises.

Are Outdoor Fireplaces Costly?

The cost of an outdoor fireplace may depend on a few circumstances. The size, material, and style might end up raising or lowering your price. Keep in mind that you’ll have to consider maintenance as you plan your budget.

Building Your Own Firepit: What Do I Need?

Some savvy homeowners choose to build their own firepit. This is a popular backyard renovation project during the summer – but how does building it work?

First, it’s important to consider your own safety and skill level. Home building projects are not for everyone, and you should have experience working on these projects before starting one yourself.

Before anything else, you’ll also need to plan out your firepit. What shape do you want, and what size will it be? What material will you use?

It’s also important to consult local laws to see if you can build a firepit, and if there are any relevant restrictions.

Once you’re ready to build, you’ll need to start by digging a spot for the base. You’ll likely need gravel. Then, you can begin laying down the first layer of bricks, adding leveling sand or a similar material. As you add layers of bricks, ensure that everything is even.

Once the bricks are laid out, you’ll also need a fire pit bowl.

Alternatively to building a firepit, you may choose to get a professional to install a fire fixture – this option is ultimately easier and safer, and you can trust that your firepit will function as you desire.

Safety Tips

If you choose to light a fire in your backyard, make sure you prioritize safety! The last thing you want is to damage your property or someone else’s – or cause injury.

Consider these tips:

  • Avoid using the fire when there are heavy winds

  • Don’t install a fire fixture too close to a fence or your home

  • Keep objects at least two feet away from the fire

  • Don’t leave a fire unattended

The Takeaway

A fire fixture can transform your summer. Your yard is already the hottest spot for summer gatherings – but installing a fire fixture is the ultimately way to bring the best out of your yard.

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