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Wood stoves in Ottawa keep you warm in cold weather.

The Very Best Way To Start A Fire In A Wood Stove

If there’s one thing you want to be able to do as quickly as possible on a cold night, it’s starting a fire in your wood stove. Ottawa’s a city well-known for its chilly winters, and all residents should be well-informed on the best (and safest) way to start a fire in a wood stove or wood stove insert. Though you should always speak to a professional if you have any questions or concerns over your home’s heating, here are a few steps that are sure to get you a roaring fire in no job.

Step 1: Store Wood Properly

You already know that the wood needs to be dry in order to burn; around 20% moisture is ideal. If you cut and store your own wood, ensure the pieces are cut to the size of your stove and stored under a roof. In a city like Ottawa, wood stove fuel can be purchased too—just make sure you order it early so the cold nights don’t sneak up on you unprepared.

Step 2: Check For Backdrafts

In the event you feel any air coming from your wood stove, that means your chimney has a cold backdraft. While you should have a professional investigate the problem, you can temporarily reverse the backdraft pressure by opening a door or window in the same room. If you light a fire without checking and there is a draft, your house will fill up with smoke.

Step 3: Build Up What Will Burn Down

The construction of wood and kindling is important to the fire catching and staying lit. First, start with a layer of kindling at the bottom of the stove (newspaper works beautifully). Then, stack the logs in rows with the ends facing alternating directions. Don’t forget you can also buy fire starters like sawdust or wax that are safe for your wood stoves.

Step 4: Let Your Fire Breathe

If there are doors on your wood stove or wood stove insert, be sure that you leave them open for a few minutes after lighting your fire or you may put it out. Since fire needs oxygen to burn, ensure your stove is also set for plenty of air intake. Once the fire is burning bright, you can close the doors on your wood stoves and enjoy the warmth.

Ultimately, when you do something right, you’ll never have to do it twice. You won’t need to struggle in the cold to keep relighting a fire if you follow these steps to lighting your wood stoves in Ottawa. If you have any smoke coming into the house you should douse the fire immediately and consult a professional. Otherwise, warm winters are ahead!