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fire burning with closed doors and tools on the side

How Glass Fireplace Doors Improve the Look, Safety, and Function of Wood Fireplaces

Whether your fireplace is an eye-sore or not, there are several reasons to upgrade it to a more modern element in your home.

It’s not just about improving the aesthetics of your living area; it’s about ensuring safety with an added bonus of energy savings.

A wood fireplace is a beautiful amenity, but without quality fireplace doors, it can have several drawbacks, especially when compared to a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace.


Adding tempered or ceramic glass doors to your fireplace is a cost-effective way to upgrade your fireplace. Not only will fireplace doors improve the appearance of your fireplace, but these doors will also enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your fireplace.


Here are the leading benefits of adding quality doors to your fireplace.

Protection & Safety

With air-tight fireplace doors, you don’t have to worry about logs falling or sparks and embers flying out of your fireplace. These fireplace hazards can result in injuries to those nearby, damage to your flooring and furniture, and even house fires.

But quality doors will keep your home safe and protected from fire hazards. So you won’t have to wait for the fire to go out before heading to bed.

Also, if you have children and pets in the home, you won’t have to worry about them accidentally falling into the fireplace. Just be sure to teach children about the dangers of touching fireplaces, especially the hot doors. And as an added precaution, consider using a safety screen in front of your fireplace to keep curious kids away from the heat.

Energy Efficient: Save Money!

Having a fireplace without doors is like having a window open in your home year-round. Homes with open fireplaces lose about 20% of their energy through poorly-fitted fireplace flue dampers, resulting in higher energy bills in the winter and summer.

Fireplaces without doors create a constant airflow through the chimney and home. So in the winter, a home’s heat will escape through the fireplace, while allowing downdrafts of cold air to enter the home. And in the summer, hot air from the outdoors will flow into the home, and cool air-conditioned air will leak out, placing a greater demand on your home’s heating and air conditioning systems year-round.

But quality fireplace doors will help insulate your home and keep your energy costs down year-round instead of letting the conditioned air out. Closing fireplace doors is essentially like closing a window in your home. In the winter, they will block heat loss from your home through the fireplace. And in the summer, fireplace doors will help keep the hot air out of your home and the cold air in.

So when your fire is burning down and you want to go to bed, but you can’t close the damper yet, you can keep the doors closed and not lose any extra heat from your home overnight.


New glass fireplace doors give fireplaces a clean, finished look. Whether you already have doors on your fireplace, or you’re looking to add them, installing new fireplace doors is an easy way to improve the appearance of your fireplace, keep it looking clean, and making it the beautiful focal point of the room that it should be.

New fireplace doors come in high-quality materials that will last and provide better insulation to your fireplace. They also come in various finishes, shapes, and designs to suit any hearth and home décor. So whether you have a modern hearth or a more traditional fireplace, you can find doors to match.

If you have old, outdated doors, they are likely soot-stained and cracked. And at the very least, they are making your entire fireplace hearth look outdated. So update the look of your fireplace to help improve the look of your home.

Increased Heat

Fireplace doors increase the amount of heat in the home by blocking heat loss and by radiating heat from the fire. Also, due to the closed-off combustion process, fires in closed-fireplaces burn hotter and cleaner. So fireplace doors can actually triple the amount of heat produced by the fireplace.

And with a cleaner and hotter burn, fireplaces with doors are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly since less volatile gases are being released and polluting the air and atmosphere.

A Cleaner Space

Fireplaces experience downdrafts that blow smoke, soot, and even dangerous carbon monoxide, embers, and flames into homes. These downdrafts threaten the air quality in homes, making it difficult to breathe at times, while also making homes dirty by blowing ash everywhere.

Open fireplaces are also more likely to make the surrounding area dirtier because fireplace debris tends to fall out of open fireplaces.

But with fireplace doors, you can prevent downdrafts and debris from entering your home, keeping the smoke and ash in your fireplace, and keeping your home’s air and surfaces clean.

Whether you want a sleek modern look or an ornate, traditional look for your fireplace and hearth, you can kind find the perfect style of doors to suit your fireplace and keep your home safe, clean, and energy-efficient.