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Gas stoves in Ottawa are a great way to keep warm without the need for added maintenance.

The Benefits Of Low-Maintenance Gas Stoves, Inserts, and Fireplaces

A fireplace in your home adds ambiance and comfort during cooler months. The thought of sitting around a crackling, cozy fire sounds better and better as the temperature drops. But starting, maintaining, and cleaning up a wood fire or stove takes a lot of time and effort. To avoid all the mess and all the fuss, thermostats are cranked up instead and fireplaces go unused for the majority of the season.

Wood fireplaces are great, but they’d be better without all that upkeep. That’s where gas fireplaces come in. With gas fireplaces and gas stoves, Ottawa residents can enjoy the warm glow of a fire in no time with minimal maintenance—just flick the switch!

Starting The Fire

When using a wood-burning fireplace, starting a fire requires a few steps and consistent tending. Once you’ve gathered the wood and kindling, you’ve got to lay the fire in the hopes it’ll ignite. Instead of trudging around in the snow with armfuls of heavy firewood, just flip a switch. With a gas stove or fireplace, you can have a picture-perfect adjustable flame at a moment’s notice

Cleaning Up

While cleaning up ash is only a minor inconvenience, cleaning out the chimney is far more labour-intensive. Regular use of a wood fireplace causes creosote to build up in a chimney, which can become a serious fire hazard without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Many homeowners have already swapped out wood-burning fireplaces for gas alternatives for this very reason. Gas fireplaces and stoves only need occasional maintenance to check for leaks and carbon soot.

Storage And Space

Buying cords of wood for heating in the winter months gets costly. Though you have to pay for natural gas with a gas fireplace or stove, the trade-off is that you don’t have to find room for stacks of wood or make cumbersome treks out in the cold to stock up for the night. A gas fireplace or stove will keep you out of the cold, especially on days when the wind picks up and snow starts to blow.

With a gas fireplace or stove, you get all the benefits of a wood fireplace without the maintenance that goes along with it. Installing or switching to a gas-based alternative means you can have a fire in seconds that will last, without having to sweep up afterward. It’s getting cold out there—now is the time to warm up with a gas fireplace or gas stove!