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Wall mounted electric fireplace with natural, green designs around it

Electric Fireplace Placement Ideas to Suit Your Home’s Design and Décor

A modern electric fireplace can be a great addition to your home in terms of aesthetics and comfort. On top of being affordable, there’s a ton of placement options and designs to suit your home.

Where you decide to mount your electric fireplace will depend on where you want this additional source of heat, along with the existing design and décor elements in your home.

So, to help inspire you when shopping for electric fireplaces, here are some wall-mounted fireplace ideas to consider.

Modern Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace technology has significantly improved over the years, resulting in beautiful, efficient fireplaces that make for suitable supplemental heating sources in the home.

These fireplaces have faux logs or decorative fire glass and flames that resemble a real fire, but without all the ash, mess, and maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace.

These days, you can find a wide range of electric fireplaces that can easily be mounted almost anywhere in the home without worrying about gas lines, venting, or building code regulations that come with installing gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

With an electric fireplace, simply find an electrical outlet, plug it in, and start enjoying the heat and ambiance of the fireplace in no time.

Just be sure to follow all manufacturer and safety instructions, and mount your electric fireplace on the studs or beams in a wall to support its weight. Or, better yet, have the professionals install the fireplace for you to ensure it’s installed safely and correctly.

Along with placement flexibility, electric fireplaces are safe, efficient, and cost-effective options for supplemental heating in the home. And they come in a variety of styles to suit personal preferences and interior design needs.

Wall-Mounted Fireplace Placement Ideas

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are easy to install, and depending on the size of the unit, you can install it at eye-level height like a wall-mounted TV or a painting.

You can also mount these fireplaces on a hearth and mantel for a more traditional fireplace look, surrounding it with veneer stone, tile panels, or other hearth materials to match the design and décor of your home.

Wall-mounted fireplaces are available in both horizontal and vertical designs. Vertical fireplaces take up less wall space, so these are ideal for mounting on smaller walls.

Common locations for installing modern electric fireplaces include living areas, offices, dens, basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, patios, and even garages.

Here are some examples of popular electric fireplace placement ideas:

Above the Couch

When hung above the couch, you can enjoy the extra warmth and coziness from sitting near your electric fireplace on cold winter days. Hanging an electric fireplace above the couch also makes for an excellent design focal point.

In the Lounge Area

If your home has a sitting or lounge area with a couple of chairs, an electric fireplace is a welcome addition to this space. You can curl up with a book, a morning cup of coffee or tea, or have a conversation with a loved one while sitting in front of the warm glow of your fireplace.

As a Focal Point in the Living Room

Instead of having a TV as the focal point in your living room, you can mount an electric fireplace and have it be the main centre of attention. More people are choosing to replace their TVs with fireplaces for a classy living room design trend since fireplaces are beautiful focal points that provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Above or Below the TV

If you’re not ready to remove the TV from your living room, you can mount an electric fireplace above or below the TV. Just be sure to install the fireplace at a safe, recommended distance from the TV (usually 12 to 24 inches) to avoid overheating the TV.

Electric fireplaces are also available with TV stands. These fireplace-TV console units are an efficient and organized space-saver/storage unit for limited living room spaces.

As a Small Detail

For rooms with limited wall space, you can mount a small electric fireplace as a small detail that stands out. Consider installing the fireplace on a smaller wall that stands out structurally, or that is painted in a different colour.

In the Bathroom

An electric fireplace will add warmth and relaxation to your bathroom, especially on chilly winter mornings. But to ensure the fireplace is safely installed, choose an electric fireplace that is rated for use in bathrooms and other moisture-rich areas.


Electric fireplaces can also be enjoyed in outdoor living spaces for an easy and cost-effective heating option. And if you want to enjoy your fireplace both indoors and out, you can install a fireplace in an exterior wall so it can be viewed from either side.

When choosing an outdoor fireplace, consider those that complement your outdoor living space décor or the overall style of your home. These fireplaces are available in a variety of designs, from traditional mantels to unique modern forms.

Keep in mind that your outdoor fireplace will need a power source, so it will either need to be close to an electrical outlet, or you will need to use an extension cord. It will also require weatherproofing since most electric fireplaces made for outdoor use still require shelter from inclement weather conditions.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces bring entire rooms and living areas together, serving as a beautiful focal point that adds depth, dimension, and visual interest to a room. Fireplaces also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, no matter the shape, size, or style.

So, for an easy fireplace installation that will be ready in time to keep you warm this winter, consider a stylish and efficient wall-mounted electric fireplace that suits your home’s décor.