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Fireplace tools include kettles, letting you cook during power outages.

Having the Right Fireplace Tools Can Make All the Difference

We’ve all been there, searching and feeling around for a flashlight during a power outage, trying to find those candles that were tucked away for just these occasions. Having to maneuver around in the dark is never an ideal scenario, so being prepared and having the right tools just makes sense. You might have flashlights, batteries, candles, and matches on hand, but do you have the right fireplace tools and accessories to lend a hand?

Beyond pokers, bellows, and brushes to maintain a fire, a wood-burning fireplace lets you make use of a few handy tools so you’re not stuck during an outage.

Put The Kettle On

Kettles and steamers are great to have on hand for cooking when the power goes out. You’ll be able to heat up water and do some basic cooking in a pinch, all without the need for electricity. Reliance on power will leave most people in the dark, but using these fireplace tools will not only keep your house warm, it will keep you and your family happy and fed.

Dry Wood For A Better Flame

Log holders are another great fireplace tool during a power outage. They ensure that you always have dry firewood available for burning when the time calls. Heating up food and water in the kettles and steamer will be a cinch with firewood on hand.

In order to keep from smoking up the home with damp wood, you may want to invest in a digital meter that can measure the moisture of the wood before adding it into any fire. These digital meters run off batteries as well, so there’s no worry about having to find a plug during a power outage.

Cozy Up In Comfort

Finally, having a wood-burning fireplace is a fantastic option for natural heat during the colder months, especially when power is nowhere to be found. With the right fireplace tools, cozying up by a natural fire during a power outage can make for a perfect family evening, sharing stories, snacking on delicious food, and enjoying the ambiance you can only get from a wood burning fireplace.

Don’t be left in the dark during a power outage, especially when you’ve got all the right tools and a perfect fireplace to make the most of what could be a long day. For access to the latest and greatest in fireplace tools, be sure to visit your local fireplace store, and don’t hesitate to ask questions about all the benefits a wood burning fireplace could add to your home.

Stay warm, fed, and occupied during the cold winter months, and don’t let a power outage stop you from having a wonderfully warm night!