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essential wood fireplace tools

Use These Handy Fireplace Tools to Keep Your Fire Burning Well with Minimal Effort

Most wood fireplace owners have the three basic fireplace tools: a poker, brush, and pan. While these are useful tools to have, there are other handy tools that you may have never considered. These other tools will help your fire burn better, keep your hands safe, and making cleaning a breeze. So if you already have the three basic tools, consider adding these other essential fireplace tools to your set so you can tend to and clean your fireplace easily and efficiently.


Andirons are horizontal bars that support logs in a fireplace. Not only do they create a nice, orderly stack of logs, but they also allow air to circulate well through the stacked logs for a fire that burns efficiently. A good air flow also prevents too much smoke, so if you want a good fire with crackling flames over a smoky, smoldering stack of logs, consider using an andiron in your fireplace.


Bring a dying fire back to life with this handy tool. Instead of running out breath while blowing on your fire, bellows have two handles so you can easily pump air into the fireplace and increase the flames. The nozzle allows you to direct pressurized air to a specific spot in your fireplace that needs more flames. This tool is extremely useful and adds a rustic look to your fireplace tool set.


Like gardening spades, these fireplace tools allow you to dig into your fireplace easily without hurting your hands. You can use a spade with a fireplace broom to scoop up ash and charcoal, and you can also use it to handle logs and embers without burning your hands. Spades are essential to efficient fireplace cleaning and maintenance.


Fireplace tongs are a must for moving around hot logs in your fireplace. If you need to rearrange the burning logs to build up your fire, tongs are the easiest tool to use, providing the best grip, support, and precision. When cleaning your fireplace, you can also use your tongs to pick up larger charred pieces and easily place them in the garbage.

Fireplace Tool Stands

Keep a tool stand by your hearth to hold your fireplace tools nearby in one place. Tool stands keep hearths neat and organized and allow you to reach the tools easily when you’re tending to a fire or cleaning the fireplace. Tool stands and sets come in a variety of styles so you can choose one to suit your hearth and living room décor.

With these essential wood fireplace tools nearby, you won’t have to work as hard to maintain your fires. Instead of worrying about a fire dying out, getting too smoky, or moving logs around, you can save your hands and your breath with these handy tools by your side.