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Should you turn off your gas fireplace during summer? Are there any benefits to leaving your gas fireplace on during summer, or is it more beneficial to turn it off?

If summer is heading your way, you may be wondering if your fireplace should be switched off until winter comes again. Does it make a difference if you leave your fireplace on?

To find out whether you should turn off your fireplace during summer, read on.

Should You Turn Off Your Gas Fireplace During Summer?

The answer to whether you need to turn off your fireplace during summer is yes. Yes, you should turn off your fireplace when the weather gets warm.

A fireplace in Ottawa should be switched off during summer when you no longer intend on using it. This is the safe thing to do as you no longer have to worry about it until you switch it back on in autumn.

Leaving your gas fireplace on during summer results in it continuing to burn gas. This can continue to add warmth to your house and can be a hazard in some circumstances.

Benefits of Leaving It On

Though it is considered to be best to turn off your fireplace in summer, there are some benefits to leaving it on. These are things that you may want to consider before turning your fireplace off for the summer.

Cold Summer Nights

Even during summer, there are cold nights when you may want your fireplace settings on. Leaving your fireplace on allows you to still heat up your home during those fluctuations in temperature.

This can come in handy at the beginning of summer when the evenings still get chilly.

No Unwanted Bugs

Leaving your gas fireplaces on is a good way to ward off unwanted bugs from coming into your home. This helps to keep them from creeping in from your fireplace and coming into your home.

This is especially useful since summer is the worst time for pests of all kinds. Keeping bugs at bay is one benefit of this fireplace option.

Benefits of Turning It Off

Though there are a few benefits to keeping your fireplace on during summer. It is still much better to just turn it off.

If you do not need to use your fireplace during summer, you should turn it off to conserve energy and to be on the safe side. It is better to turn it off when it is not in use rather than let it continue to run for no purpose.

It is also safer to turn things like gas fireplaces off if they are not needed right then. These products can be dangerous if not used properly and shouldn’t be left on indefinitely.

Keep reading to find out what benefits there are to turning off your fireplaces during the summer months.

No Wasted Heat

By turning off your gas fireplace in summer, you are saving on your heating. If you were to leave it on, it would continue to burn gas and warm your home to a certain extent.

These types of fireplaces continue to give off some heat even if you are not actively using them. This results in wasted heat during months when your house is already warm enough.

Less Heat in the House

When you turn off your fireplace, you are helping to lower the overall temperature in your home. You do not want to leave anything on that could be putting out any heat during the hot summer months.

Even when it is turned off, a gas fireplace puts out heat and wastes resources. This may be very minimal, but any heat can start to heat up a home during summer.

It is best to turn gas fireplace settings off when you do not plan on using them. Not only is this safer, but it reduces the warmth in your home and gives you more control over the temperature.

Saving Up on Utilities

Your gas fireplace is going to be burning gas even if it is not actively putting out heat or being used. This is how these types of fireplaces work, whether you are using them for heat or not.

This is one of many reasons why it is best to turn off the fireplace during summer if you do not need that heat. Just a little extra heat can make it much harder for your AC unit to keep your home comfortable.

This will bring your utility costs up as your gas is still being burned, and your AC is trying to reverse the damage. This can add up fast and cost you much more each month for no reason at all.

AC units are already struggling to keep homes cool during summer, you don’t want to have anything else on in the house that makes it harder.

Don’t Forget Regular Checkups

It is important to remember to schedule a checkup for your gas fireplace every year before cold weather strikes. This is the perfect time to have everything inspected to ensure that it is working correctly.

This is very important as any gas appliances should be yearly checked out to ensure they are in tip-top shape. That way, you can rest easy knowing that everything is operating as it should be.

Pair regular checkups with proper use, and you can safely and effectively use your gas fireplace. This reduces the risk of anything going wrong or not working correctly, as you use it during autumn and winter.

The Takeaway

Having a gas fireplace is a big responsibility, and it should be used carefully by anyone who has one. This includes making sure that you turn it off when you do not plan on using it.

This is something that everyone should consider doing during summer if they have a gas fireplace.

Are you not sure if you should turn your fireplace off this summer? Contact us today at The Burning Log and talk to an expert about gas fireplaces and what your options are.