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Check out these safety tips for the maintenance of gas fireplaces in Ottawa.

With Ottawa’s Winter Weather Here, Take Some Time to do a Few Safety Checks for Your Gas Fireplace before It Gets Heavy Use

Winter weather in Ottawa has arrived so that means it’s officially fireplace season. But before you start using your gas fireplace every day, make sure to do a few simple safety checks. If you haven’t used your fireplace for a while, you will want to make sure it is in good working condition. A gas fireplace technician can also inspect your fireplace for dirt and damage before it gets heavy use this winter.

To ensure gas fireplaces in Ottawa are safe and ready to use all winter long, follow these simple safety checks.

Fireplace Ignition

If you have trouble lighting your gas fireplace, it will definitely need repairs or a replacement. Over time, the components of the fireplace get dirty, causing some parts to work harder, and eventually causing the entire system to fail. A fireplace technician can inspect your fireplace to see if it needs repairs or if you need a new fireplace insert.

An Intact Safety Screen

Check the condition of the protective screen on your fireplace glass. This screen needs to be intact to ensure that no one will burn themselves on the glass doors. These screens act as a barrier between skin and the hot glass, so even if someone accidentally touches the door, your skin will be unharmed.

A Working Carbon Monoxide Detector

Homes with gas appliances should always have carbon monoxide (CO) detectors near these appliances. Like with smoke detectors, you need to test these CO detectors regularly to ensure they are working well. You can prevent the risk of CO poisoning by using working detectors in rooms with gas appliances and your fireplace. If you have only one CO detector, make sure it is working and installed in the centre of your home. This will allow it to sense the air from throughout the home.

For added safety, you can hire gas fireplace technicians to complete annual inspections, cleanings, and repairs. They will make sure your fireplace is in good working condition for the winter. And if they do find that your fireplace needs replacement, you can look forward to increased energy savings this winter with a new, attractive, and more energy-efficient gas fireplace insert.

Keep these safety tips in mind before using your gas fireplace regularly this winter. A few simple inspections can help you feel more at ease each time you light up the fireplace. Once it’s ready to use, you can enjoy the warmth of your gas fireplace all winter long while making sure your family and home are safe.