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Wood burning fireplace in Ottawa

Spring Is the Best Time to Start Home Improvements, Including Installing a Wood-Burning Fireplace So You Can Enjoy the Many Benefits of Wood Heating All Year Long

Wood is an excellent heating source for long winters and cooler evenings during the spring, summer, and fall. Instead of relying solely on gas or electric heating in your home, you can use the abundant, renewable resource of wood in a wood-burning fireplace. And since the frigid cold winter is over, now is the perfect time to consider installing a wood-burning fireplace. Installation in warmer weather means you won’t be losing valuable heat from your home during the installation, and if the temperature drops at night, you can start using your fireplace long before winter arrives. Get the most out of a wood-burning fireplace with these many benefits.

Renewable Fuel

Wood is a natural renewable resource that is easily accessible for fueling your fireplace and heating your home. Other home heating sources rely on non-renewable energy that is unsustainable and harmful to the environment to extract, process, and burn.


Since wood is so abundant, it is a cost-efficient fuel source, especially for those who are able to chop their own firewood supplies. And the cost-savings from wood heating compared to electric heating is quite noticeable. If you have electric baseboard heating in your home, you can save on your heating bills by switching to wood heating.


As long as you have a supply of firewood at home, you will never have to worry about heating your home with a fireplace, especially if the power goes out. You can even heat up beverages and food over your fire if you need to, so you can stay warm, comfortable, and well-fed without electricity. Wood heating is extremely reliable during power outages that last for hours and sometimes even days.

Cozy Appeal

Fireplaces add warmth and comfort that go beyond just heating your home. The cozy atmosphere that fireplaces evoke in homes make them worth the investment and can certainly boost curb appeal and your home value if you ever decide to sell. Fireplaces are a selling point for many homes due to how they look, sound, smell, make a home feel, and of course, how they save energy with wood heating.

Consider installing a wood-burning fireplace this spring to start off the season of home improvements and to get the most out of your fireplace this year. Fireplaces will heat up your home and make you comfortable not only in winter, but also on those cold rainy days in spring and summer, and during those brisk autumn evenings.