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Wood inserts in Ottawa offer several advantages over wood fireplaces, depending on your home and your needs.

A Look at the Benefits of Using Wood Inserts in Ottawa

With the cold autumn weather officially here in Ottawa, it’s time to start heating your home during the chilly evenings. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, then you can start enjoying the cold evenings by the fire. But if your fireplace is outdated, now is the time to consider improving this central heating source for your home.

One of the best ways to improve your traditional fireplace is with a wood insert. While wood inserts may not seem much different from traditional wood fireplaces, there are actually quite a few things that set them apart. Consider these benefits of installing wood inserts in Ottawa to improve the look and function of your fireplace, and to enjoy a warmer home this winter.

Fewer Emissions

Wood is a renewable, sustainable fuel resource that is carbon neutral—as in, it releases the same amount of carbon when burned as it would if left to naturally decay. Today’s wood inserts come with dual-combustion systems to burn any harmful combustion emissions that a traditional fireplace would release into the air. These systems make for a cleaner burn and much less smoke compared to a regular fireplace.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Unfortunately, only a small percentage (about 5 to 10 percent) of heat produced from a traditional fireplace will actually stay in your home. The rest of the heat goes up the chimney. This means you will need to add wood to the fire more frequently to keep it burning hot and emitting heat.

But with wood inserts, the fire burns hotter and for longer. The dual-combustion system also produces more heat for longer. Instead of losing most of the heat up the chimney, the insert’s ventilation and fans will force the heat into your home. The long-lasting, hot fires can heat your home comfortably for hours.

Lower Energy Costs

Since wood burns for longer in an insert, you will save on the costs of wood, using less wood to heat your home. Wood inserts are also well-insulated to prevent the loss of cold air from your home in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The glass doors also prevent cold air drafts from getting into your home during the colder months. This insulation reduces energy costs for heating and cooling your home all year round.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Installing wood inserts will restore the structural integrity of a fireplace without the high costs of renovating and repairing the masonry. Many inserts come with warranties to cover the costs of repairs. And if your warranty has expired, the costs for repairs tend to be cheaper than repairing the masonry of a fireplace.

Improved Design & Features

Wood inserts come in various designs that will complement the look of your fireplace and home. There are both contemporary and traditional styles to match your home décor. Aside from looking great, wood inserts also have special features that traditional fireplaces do not, such as:

  • Heat distribution fans,
  • Thermostat control, and,
  • Self-cleaning glass.

While traditional wood fireplaces are nice to have, you can upgrade to a more efficient heating source for your home with wood inserts in Ottawa. Instead of losing heat this winter, stay warm and cozy by your updated fireplace.