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Gas insert pilot light in the off season

Reasons for and against turning off your gas insert pilot light during the warmer months

Ottawa summers are generally very hot and humid, leaving only several days and nights that are ideal for using your gas insert or fireplace. During the fireplace off-season, there is the debate on whether or not to turn off the gas pilot. While there are advantages to both leaving it on and turning it off, the decision will depend on your own preferences. For owners of gas inserts and fireplaces in Ottawa, consider the following reasons for turning off your pilot light and leaving it on during the warmer months.

Reasons For Turning Off Your Pilot Light During The Off Season

If you don’t plan to use your fireplace at all during the summer months, then consider turning off your pilot light. Doing so will:
• Reduce your gas consumption over the summer months, which will save you on energy costs and conserve energy;
• Reduce heat in your home since there will be no extra heat generated from the fireplace, which can make a noticeable difference on hot days and place less demand on your air conditioner; and,
• Avoid the sulfur-based white film that builds up on the glass of fireplaces when the pilot is left on but the main burner hasn’t been turned on for a long period of time.

For Leaving Your Pilot Light on During the Off Season

If you love to use your gas insert or fireplace year-round, then you should leave your pilot light on because:
• If the weather happens to cool down, especially at night, you can turn your fireplace on without having to re-light the pilot; and,
• The continuous flow of gas will prevent spiders from making webs in the gas pilot and burner tubes—they are attracted to the smell—and clogging the tubes, which will likely require repairs from a local gas insert and fireplace installer.
Compared to other types of energy, natural gas is relatively cheaper, so leaving your pilot light on won’t be too costly during the offseason. If you plan to use your fireplace frequently, then you can avoid the white film buildup on your fireplace glass. But if you do notice this buildup forming, research online for the best ways to clean your fireplace glass and clean it before the buildup becomes permanent. For more information on using and maintaining pilot lights, gas fireplaces, and gas inserts, contact your local gas insert experts in Ottawa.