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Gas fireplaces in Ottawa aren't just for summer months. You can repair, renovate, or upgrade your existing gas fireplace, using it for ambiance or for a bit of warmth on chilly nights.

Why Summer Is a Great Season for Gas Fireplace Renovations

We automatically associate fireplaces with colder seasons and warming our homes, for good reason. Fireplaces and the winter season go hand in hand, after all! That doesn’t mean you have to leave your fireplace to collect dust over the summer months, though. In fact, summer is a wonderful time to replace or renovate gas fireplaces in Ottawa.

Although heating our homes when the weather is already warm is the last thing on our minds, having a gas fireplace tuned up or installed during the summer can really come in handy. Here’s why:

Summer vs. Winter Renovations

While winter is obviously the prime time to use gas fireplaces, Ottawa winters are the least effective time to have a gas fireplace installed or renovated. The weather not only makes it difficult to get a renovation specialist to your home, it can also make their job more difficult. As a result, the job will take longer, costing you more.

So once the snow and the ice has melted, consider installing, replacing, or renovating a gas fireplace this summer so your home is ready to face another long winter.

Chilly Nights and Rainy Days

Gas fireplaces are a fantastic way to heat your home quickly and efficiently. You can have a warm fire crackling within seconds, but what’s even better (especially in the summer) is how you can literally turn the fire off when you’re done. No need to extinguish flames and coals! Summer may be a warm season, but Canadians know that summer nights and rainy days can become especially chilly. If you need a little extra warmth, a gas fireplace can easily provide it.

Adding A Little Ambiance

It’s hard to get together with family and friends during the winter. The roads are bad, the weather is worse, and most times we just don’t want to leave our warm, cozy homes. But now that winter is over, it’s party season. It’s time to entertain and get our family and friends together now that we’re no longer snowed in.

While barbecues and picnics are summer-time party mainstays, what do you do when the sun goes down? Throw a dinner party! Gas fireplaces add a little ambiance and great atmosphere to any dinner party. Who doesn’t like gathering around a glowing fire with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a great meal?

It’s about time we start thinking about our gas fireplaces all year round. Summer is a great season for fireplace installation and renovation. Whether you want to add a little more heat on a cool day, or a little ambiance to your next get together, gas fireplaces will make a great addition to any Ottawa home this summer.