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Make Your Gas Fireplace in Ottawa Safe, Convenient, and Stylish

Purchasing a gas fireplace in Ottawa is a smart choice. The flexibility and control of natural gas is a major asset compared to wood fireplaces—you’ll never struggle to get it started again, you’ll always be able to maintain your ideal heat level, and since the gas lines run directly to your home, you’ll never have to go out in the cold to stock up on fresh wood when you want to curl up by the fire. Plus you can forget about having to swing that axe. What more could you ask for!
However, you shouldn’t just install the fireplace itself, dust off your hands, and call it a day—not if you want the best experience possible. From convenience to safety, there are fireplace tools and accessories that no gas fireplace owner should go without. Have you considered…

Remote Controls

As we’ve said before, the great thing about fuelling your fireplace with natural gas is that you get flexible control. This usually comes in the form of a wall-mounted controller similar to a thermostat—but what if you didn’t have to get up to change it? We’re not advocating laziness, we’re just saying that when you’ve found that perfect position and are starting to get seriously cozy, why ruin it? Just grab the remote and adjust the heat from your little nest.

A Safety Screen

“But my gas fireplace already has a glass screen covering it,” you may be saying. “Isn’t that safety enough?” It’s true, there is a glass door at the front of your fireplace, which prevents the flames from escaping. It also prevents a lot of heat from escaping, making the glass incredibly hot—a moment’s touch is enough to cause a third-degree burn. A safety screen should sit in front of the glass to prevent accidental physical contact.

A Carbon Monoxide Detector

While not technically a fireplace tool, it’s a valuable household item for anyone who uses natural gas—especially fireplace owners. Carbon monoxide is toxic, and also entirely undetectable by the human senses. Don’t let faulty venting go unnoticed until it’s too late—install a carbon monoxide detector right away.

BONUS—Decorative Elements

Just because a gas model doesn’t have the crackling logs of a traditional fireplace doesn’t mean it can’t have character. There are a variety of decorative elements that you can either add or that come pre-installed, such as interior linings and enclosures that take on the look of tile or brick, mock logs and other bases, and even decorative fireplace tools like andirons. These decorative elements serve to recall the charm of wood-burning fireplaces or add a touch of class to your gas fireplace in Ottawa.