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Fireplace Tools You Can Use Outdoors this Summer

Reuse your existing fireplace tools with outdoor fire pits and fireplaces

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to start lighting up your outdoor fire pit or fireplace. If you already have fireplace tools for your indoor fireplace, consider reusing them outdoors. These fireplace tools improve safety and convenience when handling a fire, so you can make the most of your summer evenings outside.

Safety Screens

Safety screens prevent flames, sparks, and embers from flying around. For circular fire pits, a round or cone-shaped safety screen will work, and if you can reuse your existing safety screen from inside, that’s even better.

Roasting Tools

Roasting hot dogs and s’mores on the fire is a fun summer activity that most of us will never grow out of. Consider using safe roasting sticks that are extendable and have good handles so you won’t burn your hands while cooking up your favourite campfire treats.


Grills are great fireplace tools for cooking over the flame. A simple metal grill that fits over your fireplace or fire pit is enough to get those meats and veggies cooking.

Popcorn Poppers

Another treat by the fire is fire-roasted popcorn. With a fireplace popcorn popper, you just add kernels, close the lid, and hold the popper over the flame with a secure and safe handle. Making popcorn outside can be this easy, but don’t overcook it.

Log Luggers

If you have a long walk from your woodpile to your fire pit, and you don’t like hurting your hands, consider using a log lugger to easily carry, place, and rearrange logs in the fire. Using a log lugger means you never have to strain your back again.

Decorative Rocks

There are plenty of decorative rocks that you can use to spruce up your outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Heat-resistant stones, lava rocks, and fire glass come in various shapes, sizes, and colours to turn your fire pit into a decorative centre piece in your backyard.

Fire-resistant Hearths

If you plan to use a fire pit on your patio, consider placing a fire-resistant hearth underneath to protect your patio from embers. This will increase safety and prevent unwanted burn marks on your patio.

These fireplace tools can be used both indoors and out, so you can enjoy countless nights by the fire, whether in your backyard under the stars or cuddled up inside.

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