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Fireplace tools keep your chimney clean.

Proper Care And Maintenance Of Your Fireplace Requires The Right Tools

Soot-covered faces, bundles of rope, and long-handled brushes are just a few of the things we associate with chimney sweeping. Whenever it’s time to clean out a chimney, we can’t help but think of ourselves as modern chimney sweeps, albeit ones with better fireplace tools.

Old-School Chimney Sweeps

Back during the Industrial Revolution, chimney sweeps played a vital role in keeping fireplaces, flues, and of course chimneys clean and operating efficiently. Without regular cleaning, a chimney could catch on fire or cause coal-tar poisoning thanks to the build up of creosote on the chimney’s interior. Often, these sweeps used fireplace tools as basic as stiff wire brushes and cloths, relying on manpower more than specialized equipment.

Being a chimney sweep was a messy, uncomfortable, and sometimes hazardous job. In the Industrial Revolution, it was common for young children to apprentice as chimney sweeps. Health hazards and laws about child labour eventually put an end to this practice, and thanks to modern fireplace tools, chimney cleaning services these days are much safer and much more convenient.

Modern Cleaning

Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces still remain popular fixtures in many Ottawa homes, so it’s important to stay on top of regular chimney cleaning while also maintaining your fireplace. Always be sure to remove excess ash from your fireplace to help prevent the grate from burning out. Use a small brush and a metal dust pan to sweep out ash and dispose of it properly.

Modern chimney sweeps don’t have to crawl into narrow chimneys—in all likelihood, they wouldn’t fit these days! Instead, they use collapsible and flexible brushes with long handles and stiff wire bristles. These handy fireplace tools scrub out grit and grime from a chimney in no time.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning

Gas fireplaces in Ottawa have a much cleaner flame, though, resulting in less frequent cleaning. But it’s still important to have a chimney cleaning service check things out from time to time. That flame can still leave residue behind, minimal as it might be.

Use soft cleaning cloths and gentle cleaners on interior parts—if they look dirty, it’s best to give them a quick scrub when everything’s cooled off. Otherwise, it’s generally best to schedule a cleaning at least once a year. This can extend the life of your fireplace and help you catch maintenance issues before they become serious. Always be sure to wipe down the exterior once a month, regardless of whether the fireplace is in regular use.

Cleaning your fireplace, regardless of wood or gas flame, is a must for proper maintenance. Take the time to learn how to clean your fireplace, or trust in the professionals to get the job done and give you a pristine finished product each and every time.