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view of modern living room with lots of comfy pillows, blankets, and a warm fireplace

Transform Your Living Room Into The Ultimate Comfort Haven

When the weather is cold or grim, we turn to our living room for comfort. Nothing turns a bland day around better than sitting on the sofa, relaxing as the fireplace warms you up.

How else can you enhance your living room’s ability to keep you comfortable? Whether you’re an interior design fiend or a clueless decorator, you’ll find it easy to spruce up your living room with these tips.

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Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

Lots of Blankets and Pillows

Some items can be both functional and decorative, and blankets and pillows are two great examples. These items are good to have on hand for plenty of reasons: warming up, taking naps, or even the occasional home-fort construction or pillow-fight. When not in use, these items still add to the comfortable atmosphere that you strive for.

Add a Light Dimmer

With a traditional light switch, “lights on” and “lights off” are the only two options. Though, there’s a world of lighting possibilities thanks to light dimmers, which allow you to set a specific amount of lighting for a room.

Plush Rug

A huge fuzzy rug offers the perfect complementary covering to any floor, whether it’s hardwood or carpet. Experiment with colours, patterns, and textures that evoke comfort.


Do you feel like your living room is missing something? Light a candle. The flickering flame will add a bit of motion to your room, while the warmth and the candle’s scent will contribute to your room’s ambience.

The Right Couch

You don’t realize how special a couch can be until you find the right one. A couch can be way more than just a piece of furniture. The right couch will look and feel great and serve as the landing spot for peaceful naps, rousing movie nights, and lasting memories.

Lots of Texture

For a living room that speaks to all five of your senses, experiment with textures. From outdoorsy textures like wood and brick, to creative patterns like polka dots and wavy lines, you’ll feel great among these textures.

Install a Fireplace

If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, there’s a good chance you’ve thought or dreamt about having one. A fireplace offers more than visual appeal; it can serve as the focal point of your living room, keeping everyone comfortable and happy. There are plenty of types of fireplaces you can choose from, so you can work this appliance into your home’s existing style, should you have one.

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Types of Fireplaces and Their Pros & Cons


Using a ventilation system and your home’s chimney, gas fireplaces allow fresh air to enter and waste to exit. As a result, a fire starts above your ceramic logs behind a glass door. These traditional fireplaces are a favourable addition to any home, but you should understand the pros and cons:


  • Multiple ventilation options are available, meaning you can pick the exact structure that works for your home
  • Heat is transported throughout your home quickly and efficiently
  • Minimal maintenance is required (though you should still complete an annual inspection)
  • Facing a power outage? Your gas fireplace can keep you warm


  • You will need to ensure that your home’s gas line and other features allow you to install this kind of fireplace
  • Gas fireplaces will heat up your entire home, rather than a singular room


Wood fireplaces create a cottage-like atmosphere. These natural appliances require hands-on maintenance, but you may find that it’s worth it – read about the pros and cons:


  • Wood fireplaces create an intriguing atmosphere; they are visually compelling and offer a unique aroma
  • Facing a power outage? Your wood fireplace can keep you warm
  • Since wood fireplaces are hands-on, they give you more control, leaving things like firewood selection and size up to you


  • These fireplaces require plenty of maintenance; for example, you’ll have to select and store firewood yourself
  • The fire is not protected behind a glass wall, which means you will have to monitor it closely


Electric fireplaces offer a modern alternative to their counterparts. These digital devices project an artificial fire, but still heat up your living space. Consider the pros and cons:


  • Almost any home with an electrical outlet can have an electric fireplace
  • These fireplaces are easy to use and install, and require little maintenance
  • Since no gas or real flames are used, there is little risk
  • Electric fireplaces provide an inexpensive way to heat up your home


  • Since the flames are artificial, it may take longer to heat up your home
  • You may prefer having authentic flames, meaning a gas or wood fireplace is a more ideal option
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Your living room is your sacred space to kick back and relax. For that reason, you should design it how you like, whether that means lighting a ton of candles, experimenting with colours and patterns, or installing a brand-new fireplace. Speak to a fireplace professional today about what you can expect from the installation process.