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Get the experts to inspect your gas fireplace in Ottawa.

Give Your Gas Fireplace Its Annual Inspection to Address Any Issues Before You Need to Use It

September is here, but don’t let this warm weather fool you, the cold weather is just around the corner. To ensure that your fireplace is ready to use all winter long, it’s important to inspect and clean it before the cold weather arrives. The experts in gas fireplaces in Ottawa can refer you to a fireplace technician who can inspect and clean your fireplace this fall to prepare it for the colder months. It’s incredibly important to have a clean, functional fireplace as it will heat your home safely and efficiently.

Fireplace Inspections

Fireplace technicians will thoroughly inspect both the exterior and interior of your gas fireplace to make sure it is safe and working well. The technician will look at:

  • Chips or cracks in glass, or dirt buildup;
  • The framework for dents and debris;
  • Deterioration of the faux ceramic log;
  • Proper lighting of the gas ignition under the log;
  • The connections and valves underneath the fireplace;
  • The heat output for residue blocking ports and vents; and
  • Functionality of carbon monoxide detectors.

Once the technician has finished the inspection, they will let you know if your fireplace needs any repairs. Aim to have these repairs completed as soon as possible so you can start using your fireplace as soon as the cold weather hits.

Fireplace Cleaning

While you can clean some parts of your gas fireplace on your own, you may need to hire a professional to thoroughly clean other hard to reach areas. The following are common parts of a gas fireplace that require annual cleaning in order to work efficiently:

  • Inside the vents, flue, and chimney—debris in these areas will block airflow and end up smelling bad over time;
  • Glass doors and frame—keep these clean and in good condition for both appearance and to ensure efficient heating. If chipped, cracked, or dented, consider replacing these parts;
  • Logs—ceramic and faux logs will deteriorate over time and stick to the sides of the fireplace, needing a cleaning or replacement if in bad shape; and,
  • Interior and exterior residue—your gas fireplace will accumulate residue with use, so make sure to clean the residue on occasion, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

With fall just around the corner, now is the time to schedule an annual inspection and cleaning before the cold weather arrives. After a thorough inspection and cleaning, and once repairs or replacements have been installed, your fireplace will work efficiently and safely throughout the upcoming colder months. Contact the gas fireplace experts in Ottawa for more information about inspections to get your fireplace ready for your home this fall.