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Real wood-burning in a fireplace from Burning Log in Ottawa

Ottawa Has a Great Selection of Wood Inserts and Fireplaces with Fantastic Benefits for Your Home

Who doesn’t love the idea of relaxing by the fireplace on a chilly night, perhaps with a good book, or a warm cup of hot chocolate? And when you close your eyes and imagine the ideal scenario, what is it like? Do you hear the sound of crackling fire logs, feel the radiance of the flames, and see the way the light flickers and dances around the room? With a traditional wood-burning fireplace, all of this can be yours. And if you already have a fireplace, but it has grown old and doesn’t work as efficiently as it should, you can purchase wood inserts in Ottawa that will automatically give your old fireplace a much-needed update. There are a lot of great benefits to the traditional wood fireplace, such as:

It’s Cost-Effective

With modern fireplace designs, you really do get much more bang for your buck when it comes to the amount of heat that is produced. In fact, you can substantially reduce your heating costs throughout the winter, since the cost of wood compared to how many hours of heat you get out of it is much more economical than the cost of heating your home with a furnace, radiator, or boiler. Installing an inset to update an old fireplace can also save you money all year round by sealing leaks through which cool air can enter and exit your home.

It’s Energy-Efficient

Did you know that wood-burning fireplaces are considered to be carbon-neutral? This is because the wood that is burned in them will release the same amount of carbon regardless of if you burn it, or if it is allowed to decay naturally. And when properly produced and used, harmful by-products are reduced as well. Many modern fireplaces and wood inserts in Ottawa can achieve up to 80% energy efficiency, and are designed so that more of the heat produced is kept in the home, instead of being allowed to escape. In fact, a wood fire will continue to produce heat even after the flames have died out and only embers remain.

It Works in Power-Outages

Because your fireplace doesn’t rely on electricity, gas mains, or any other external sources, it gives you genuine independence. In the event of a blackout, you’ll be prepared to keep your home warm and lit. Just imagine roasting marshmallows in the living room while you wait for the power to come back on—sounds more fun than annoying!

It Looks and Feels Great

Let’s not forget that there’s nothing quite like a wood-burning fireplace. It’s the whole reason you want one! Other styles have their own unique advantages, but when you want a truly great experience, you know there’s no real alternative to firewood. And with modern wood inserts in Ottawa, anyone can experience all the benefits wood has to offer!