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Should Your Ottawa Home Have a Pellet or Wood Stove?

No matter the weather, you can stay warm this winter with a good, old-fashioned fire! Pellet stoves and wood stoves are both great choices for Ottawa’s colder months, but which one should you go with? To assist you in this decision, let’s look at their features, as well as the pros and cons of each:


Pellet stoves can be set up anywhere, since they are simply vented through a little wall opening. When installing wood stoves in Ottawa, however, you’ll require a chimney, which could mean additional set up costs unless your home already has one.

Fuel Source

The pellets in a pellet-burning stove are typically made of recycled wood shavings or sawdust. These have to be purchased from fireplace experts or specialty suppliers. If you own wood stoves, you could simply harvest the firewood locally or even directly on your own property, if it’s available.


Wood stoves operate solely on timber. As long as you have firewood you are good to go! Pellet stoves, however, require electricity to operate the motorized hopper that supplies the pellets to the burn pot. Unless you’ve installed a backup battery or generator, a power outage could leave you out in the cold.


When it comes to which one is greener, Pellet stoves are the clear winner. They emit minimal carbon emissions, reducing interior and exterior air pollution. Furthermore, burning pellets can actually be considered recycling, since the pellets are a lumber by-product and would otherwise end up in landfills.


Caution is recommended for both, however wood stoves run the risk of dangerous creosote buildup. In comparison, a pellet-burning stove operates very cleanly, containing its flames and keeping everyone safe from sparks and debris.


Wood stoves in Ottawa should be inspected annually, and require regular chimney sweeps in addition to checking their catalytic combustor. Their counterparts, however, are easy to maintain and don’t require regular specialty inspections.

There are many advantages and disadvantages for either solution, and while pellet stoves seem to be the better investment, wood stoves do have an ambiance that is hard to beat. Watching the flames dance on the logs while your home fills with the distinctive aroma of burning wood is a very enticing idea! Whether you decide on a pellet or a wood stove in Ottawa, your home will be toasty and warm this upcoming winter.