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Pellet stoves in Ottawa

Tips for Maintaining Your Pellet Stoves in Ottawa

For those of you who have pellet stoves in Ottawa, you probably use your stoves for a large portion of the year thanks to our unpredictable weather and often extended winters. Pellet stoves may even be used in the summer months if the temperature drops. The fluctuating weather and the frequency of use make it especially important to keep your pellet stove clean. You should make sure it’s ready to use and burning efficiently at any time.

How often you clean your pellet stove depends on the type of stove you have and the fuel you burn. A general rule of thumb is, the higher the price of pellets, the cleaner and hotter they will burn. So, if you opt for the low-cost pellets, you will probably have to clean your pellet stove more often. Pellet stove experts in Ottawa can recommend the best types of pellets to use in your stove for fuel efficiency and a cleaner burn. They can also help you with any problems you may encounter with your pellet stove throughout the year.

Annual Checkup

It is important to have your pellet stove inspected and cleaned by a professional annually. It’s a good idea to have this done before winter rolls around. This ensures your stove will work to the best of its best ability, burning hot and efficiently.

Regular Maintenance

Pellet stoves need regular cleaning when used often. This involves removing the ash with an ash vacuum, emptying the ash drawer or trap, and removing hardened ash (clinkers) with a rake or ash tool.

Also, clean any soot build-up on the interior surface of the stove with a wire brush. This will prevent the loss of heat transfer from your stove. Clean the heat exchanger and the glass as well. Make sure to let your pellet stove cool down first before doing any cleaning. Paper towels and commercial glass cleaner for heated glass should be used to wipe down each side of the glass.

To prevent the build-up of debris and sawdust in the stove’s feed system, let the fuel hopper and auger tube empty completely once in a while. Also, empty the hopper and feed system when you are no longer using your pellet stove—i.e. once the warm weather arrives. Pellets can become moist if left in the stove over the spring and summer months, potentially causing rust and damage.

If you take these proper steps to keep your pellet stove clean and working well, an annual checkup by pellet stove professionals should be all that you need. However, if you notice at any point that the flame produced is dark orange instead of bright white or yellow, call the Ottawa pellet stove experts to repair your pellet stove. You never know when you’ll need to use it in Ottawa.