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Pellet stoves offer Ottawa residents numerous benefits and features.

Consider Eco-Friendly Pellet Stoves In Ottawa To Warm Your Home This Winter

With the cooler weather upon us, now is the time to browse heating options for your home. Fireplaces are a desirable option since they provide a warm and cozy atmosphere. There are many types of fireplaces to choose from, with some being more efficient and environmentally-friendly than others. One such option is the pellet stove. Like other fireplaces, pellet stoves provide the comfort of a traditional fireplace with heat and flames. However, unlike other fireplaces, pellet stoves are safer, easier to use, cheaper to fuel, and more environmentally-friendly. If you are looking for a new fireplace that is easy to install and maintain, and has added bonus of being a greener heating solution, check out pellet stoves in Ottawa. These are just a few of the ways in which pellet stoves benefit you:

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

Compared to wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces, pellet stoves emit less carbon and ash into the air. The clean burning pellets do not compromise the air quality inside the home, and do not generate as much pollution outside. While wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces need chimneys for smoke ventilation, pellet stoves usually only require a small hole in the wall for ventilation.


Pellet stoves burn more efficiently than wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces. Pellet stoves require less fuel to generate the same amount of heat as these fireplaces. Additionally, they often generate more heat than gas-burning fireplaces as well, making these stoves a more efficient source of heat for the home.


The pellets used to fuel pellet stoves are made from recycled organic materials such as sawdust, wood, corn, and biological materials. While pellets are often only the by-product of forestry, chopped wood for wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces use a lot of trees—one cord of wood generally comprises wood from 15 trees, and people often go through three cords of wood to heat their homes in the colder months. Natural gas fireplaces are also not considered eco-friendly because gas is a non-renewable fossil fuel. Out of these three fuel types, pellets are the most sustainable.

Sitting in front of the fireplace is a great way to spend cold autumn and winter nights. With many fireplace options to choose from, there is sure to be at least one type to meet your home’s needs. If you are still considering which type is best for you and your home, consider the greener option, and contact a fireplace specialist about pellet stoves in Ottawa.